Below is a quick summary of Cereal Hack's competition rules. If you have questions, feel free to email us.

1. Fresh Code, Design, etc.
To ensure a level field for all contestants, all code, design, art, music, SFX, and assets must be created during the duration of the Hackathon. We want to ensure that all participants start off on the same footing and we also want to preserve the true nature of a hackathon. You are, however, free to make plans, create wireframes, and brainstorm prior to the event. The only exception to this rule would include material that is freely available to the public. Some examples of this would be: public domain images, creative commons music, open source libraries. We take this rule very seriously for the sake of all members attending the event. Failure to comply may result in the offending team's disqualification.

2. Code Review
If your team qualifies for prizes or is in the top five, the team will be subject to a code review to verify that there was no foul play.

3. It’s okay to Hack!
Feel free to use any tools, tricks, gems, shortcuts, or workarounds you’ve discovered over the years to help you build quicker. Use any frameworks, hosting service, etc. you please.

4. Ownership and IP 
All teams retain full ownership of what they have created during the Hackathon.

5. Team Size 
Teams of up to 5 humans are allowed.

6. Be Open
We welcome attendees from all backgrounds. This event is about increasing the overall amount of innovation, partnership, and engagement in our community.

7. Be Respectful 
Be kind to others. Do not insult or put down other attendees. Behave professionally.

8. Have fun 
It’s a hackathon! Have fun, meet new people, learn new things. Event's like these are often life-changing, so make the most of it, relax, and enjoy the event.